We’re tomorrow's leaders.

Meals, shelter, safety, education, basic essential for sustained empowerment, the inheritance of Mother Nature; these rights are graced fundamentally - but cultivation is Our Part. Our resources are derived from the concept of you, a leader. Acting to create future leaders is not charity, it’s a life worth living.

Micro-giving is raindrops into a forest. It’s not for you. It’s not for the underserved. It’s for us, as endowed by God our Creator - for his purpose, we are the roots of the forest.

While connected at our digital fingertips, we’re further away from one another than ever.  Empathy and charity whimper in the winds of normalized destitution. Conceptually, this tests our world, and our humanity, more than ever before. Leaders take tests.

We must understand that the old way of doing things is...well, old. Our fingertips are resources. The knowledge of these facts, partnered with our ease of giving and awareness that forests need raindrops, abide our organization to do exactly what we do as the leaders of today.

Doing My Part™.

All of us feel passionate about a cause, or probably many. From cancer and terminal illness support, to bullying, to homelessness and poverty, childhood behavioral challenges - we all have personalized causes.

As an organization, we understand intuitively that we are doing our Part for your cause and maybe something out of your preview. Raindrops for our forest.

That's why Doing My Part™ exists.

As an organization, DMP values your participation, and we strive every day for discernment and guidance to funnel your Part into the most necessary or time-sensitive projects at any given time for kids in the United States of America.  If we see a problem, big or small, we move boldly.

If a family battling cancer needs meals while in the hospital, we’ll do it. If a child is low on socks or needs a few pair for school, they'll get pearly whites and some hope. If we know a group of kids don't have heat or a bed, we'll make sure they do.  If we believe buying a washer for a family or serving 10,000 meals to hungry children is worthwhile, our time goes there. That’s our Part. Some projects are big and audacious, some are localized to just a family. Raindrops.

In other words, we’ll give with the absolution of integrity in solidarity with your faith in giving. Doing My Part™ is a community of believers banding together to create wins, big and small, through small actions.

Through our small actions, we create an atmosphere. Raindrops are rain when together. Roots, sun, xylem and phloem, we’ll all breathe easier.

Cool, but Doing My Part, are you selling sweet threads?

Of course. We want to give you something you’ll love. And they are cool. Why not do good-heart jazz in style? Join us in being a Part of something we believe in, shirts and otherwise. 

DMP is a movement of vision, belief and action.