Doing My Part™ began in 2011 as a grassroots nonprofit organization and 100% volunteer effort in Charlotte North Carolina to help kids with urgent needs.  The community of micro-donors has since evolved from a 'duct-tape' nonprofit into a movement of God, in people, building a supports the most vulnerable children in our communities today.

DMP is here to break the mold and destroy the worn-out narrative that separates us and disempowers our children and future.  Contrary to popular belief, we are not helpless and at the mercy of others to how this world goes. 

Because when you join DMP, you become the solution.

DMP is not about showing you more sad stories and shocking statistics, so you'll break out your credit card.

We do it different.

Our team works directly with those on the front lines to bring common sense solutions to large issues. We present new ideas, and concepts that will create a better life for those kids that are being left behind today.

From helping children in the battle with cancer to providing meals to hungry children, to education and bullying to develop tomorrow's leaders DMP is focused on one thing:  Bringing people and communities and together, in cool new ways, to make a larger impact and shape the future together.

DMP is a bold idea with tremendous power that will bringing people together to conquer obstacles that face children - small and large.  Because we know they are the future.

With your participation, DMP becomes stronger, and the future gets a shade brighter.  

That's DMP.  Small actions, serious impact.

Our hope is to give you a fun new way to do your part, but make a serious impact on the lives of others by coming together with other likeminded people.

Our focus is to ensure children, and the families that support them, get the essential needs, are safe and can have the same opportunities as all children deserve.

When you join us, it's our goal and mission to make you proud to say "I'm doing my part...". 

When you do your part, we always promise to do ours.  




How DMP Works


DMP is strategically structured to sustain and scale impact into the future.(DMP) consists of 2 entities, in partnership, to maximize sustainable impact. 

Doing My Part™, Inc. is a 501c3 North Carolina Non-profit Corporation raising funds via crowdfunding subscription micro-donations to fund specific urgent needs for kids in the USA. 100% of donations go directly to the pre-vetted needs, in real-time.  Live updates provided on

The Doing My Part™ Shop a for-profit social enterprise ecommerce platform that financially supports the non-profit, Doing My Part, Inc. For each item purchased, 10%-20% of the proceeds are 'earmarked' and go directly to the customer's chosen color category of need.

The DMP Shop enables the Doing My Part™, Inc. nonprofit to continue to give 100% of monthly donations directly to the needs you'll see on the site!

Needs Based Color Categories

Green - Food Needs for Meals and Nutrition

Blue - School Based Need for Learning and Development

Red - Home Based Needs for Shelter and Safety

Black / White - Wild Card, Goes to Most Needed at the Time.