There are 16,200,000 hungry children in the US.  Our Mission is to distribute food directly to as many of those children that are most in need - and do that as quickly as possible.  

Currently, every item purchased feeds 7 children a meal they otherwise would not know where or how they are going to eat.

Our goal is 5,000 meals by 2019 and you can do your part!

In order to carry out this mission, we work directly with the local foodbanks currently feeding thousands of children on a monthly basis, and have the personnel, volunteers, and distribution to carry out our mission effectively. A percentage of your purchase will go directly to providing meals that are distributed to the most impoverished children in local areas around the US.  As a general rule of thumb, when you buy a DMP item, your donation goes to purchasing and distributing 7 meals directly children in need of food in the US.



Our Current Food Bank Recipient is Second Harvest food Bank of Metrolina in Charlotte NC - this is their truck.   Doing My Part is expanding to local communities across the US that are interested in becoming recipients to feed more children in local areas across the US.



Doing My Part offers a new opportunity to us all to come together for a greater purpose. Together we attack the largest issues dealing with kids today.  We're all about the kids.

As you participate in Doing My Part campaigns, your impact, and our impact, grows as a whole.  We'll update you on how many meals we have been delivered and the movement you are a part of.  The current goal is 5,000 meals by 2019.